Visual Artist

Ali Z.tahghigh


Below are some highlights of projects commissioned by Iranian and German companies and Iranian TV. On these projects I worked as a motion graphist, visual effects artist and UI / UX designer.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics

In 2004, I started working in Pileh Studio as a graphic designer. After that I worked for Iranian television for about 7 years. During this time I gained a lot of experience in the field of graphic animation.

Visual effects

In my short time as a special effects specialist, I have worked on several film and music video projects. I also edited two short films.


One of my greatest interests is illustration, which I use to present my imaginary world of thoughts to others. For all my work I use my own personal photos.


In the 4 years I worked for German companies, I was responsible for the UX/UI design of their websites and applications. To date I have designed 2 apps and 5 websites.

The secret of survival

Over the years I have created a short animation that tells the simple story of 3 pigeons.

The secret of survival humorously shows that power often determines survival.


Learn German Bilingually Podcast

In April 2020, coinciding with the Corona epidemic, the idea for a German learning video was born. When everyone was struggling with the problems caused by Corona, I formed a team of 14 people to help Persian learners. This work continued for 1 year after creating 5 interesting contents on different topics. But due to the physical distance between the team and the problems in studies, etc., it was not possible to continue the work. I learned a lot from this work, including teamwork and design thinking. Parts of it can be found on Instagram and YouTube channels.


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